Today has been an incredible day. Set out for a long ride on the road and came across some of the finest sights in Goa. From Canacona to Varca, I witnessed limitless greenery, white sand beaches, blue lagoons, cute bridges and quaint Portuguese bungalows. Across 80kms of my journey, I occasionally lost my way and I stopped by the people smiling at me for reliable navigation.

Even though Goa sees an enormous amount of travellers through the year, I have began to realise how it is still largely unexplored.

A little ahead of Betul.
A little ahead of Betul

Amrita Das

Amrita is a freelance travel writer and professional travel blogger. She has been contributing to some of the top publications in India and internationally. She propagates female solo travel and shares her experiences from off-beat, culture and adventure travel through her writing.

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6 thoughts on “Goa unexplored

  1. great post. Goa is known for its beaches. That’s what everybody thinks of when they think Goa, but it’s such a beautiful, green part of the country. Well worth exploring inland! :)

    1. The most gorgeous part of Goa is in fact the forests. Such rich wildlife and flora is seldom seem anywhere. All thanks to the Western Ghats. I can’t wait for the Monsoons here! :)

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